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Image Information Processing Device Operation/
Management Plan

Paradise Casino Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Company’’) follows the Image Information Processing Device Operation/Management Plan to inform how and for which purpose the image information processed by the Company is utilized and managed.

1. Installation ground and purpose of image information processing device

The Company installs and operates image information processing device according to Article 25(1) of the Personal Information Protection Act, Article 28 of Tourism Promotion Act, and Article 36 of Enforcement Decree of The Tourism Promotion Act for the following purposes;

  • - Facility safety and fire prevention
  • - Crime prevention for customer safety
  • - Illegal behavior prevention in relation to sales and accounting

2. No. of installed devices, installation location and recording range

  • - No. of installed devices: 509
  • - Installation location and recording range: All areas with operating activities on floor

3. Manager and Authorized accessor

In order to protect your image information and process personal image information-related complaints, the Company has personal image information protection staff as follows;

  • - Manager: Surveillance Team, Director, IM JOONSHIN (82-2-450-4822)
  • - Authorized Accessor: Surveillance Team, Director, IM JOONSHIN (82-2-450-4822)

4. Image information recording time, Storage Term, Storage location and processing method

  • - Recording time: 24 hours
  • - Storage Term: The storage term for visual data by recording location is specified in "Casino Business Operating Guidelines" of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Counting Scenes in Count Room: Longer than 20 days from recording. Other scenes : Longer than 6 days from recording.Edited Recordings that Our Company Deems Material: 3 years
  • - Storage Location: Surveillance Team
  • - Processing method: Requests regarding personal image information use outside the specified purposes, third party provision, destruction, view, etc. are recorded and managed. Upon the retention period expiration, such data are deleted permanently in an irrecoverable manner (paper documents are shredded or incinerated).

5. Matters on the entrustment of image information processing device installation, management, etc.

The Company entrusts the business of image information processing device installation, management, etc., and according to relevant laws and regulations, defines necessary matters for the security management of personal information upon entrustment contract.

  • - Entrusted agency: KOREA CCS Co., Ltd.

6. Matters on personal image information check and place

  • - Method to check: Contact an image information manager in advance and visit the place to check.
  • - Place of checking : Surveillance Team

7. Measures on information providers’ requests to view image information, etc.

If you want to view personal image information or check its existence or delete it, you can request to image information processing device staff any time. But such information is limited to your personal image information and other personal image information obviously necessary for the life, body and property interests of information provider. In the event of requests to view, check the existence of and delete personal image information, the Company will take necessary measure without delay.

8. Measures to secure image information security

The image information processed by the Company is safely managed through codification process, etc. As a managerial measure for personal image information protection, the Company grants the right to access personal information in a differentiated manner. To prevent personal image information forgery/falsification, the Company records and manages personal image information creation date and time, purpose of reading, reader, reading date and time, etc.

9. Matters on Image Information Processing Device Operation/Management Plan

The Image Information Processing Device operation/Management Plan was established on February 15, 2016 and in the event of any addition, deletion and modification of its details according to relevant laws, policies or security technology change, reason of modification and details will be announced no later than 7 days prior to the implementation thereof.

* Date of announcement: February 29, 2016 / Date of implementation: February 29, 2016

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