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Being located in the biggest port city of Korea, the scenery is exquisite and the atmosphere is distinctive.


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Paradise Casino Busan is located in Paradise Hotel Busan by Haeundae Beach, the best tourist attraction in Busan, allowing customers to enjoy the wide open sea.

There are some 100 game tables for baccarat, blackjack, and roulette, and slot machines in 11 game sections, each of which provides unique services.

With the distinctive tourist attractions that only the seaport can provide, Paradise Casino Busan is hugely popular among all of its visitors.

Gaming Facilities

  • Baccarat38

  • Blackjack6

  • Roulette4

  • Other Tables7

  • Slot Machines62

  • ETG31

  • Total148


    We offer the best servicves in a safe and luxurious space for our VIP guests. Please, enjoy your best moments at Paradise Casino.

  • BAR
    Bar (Free Drink & Food)

    Delicious food and drinks, made of carefully selected fresh ingredients, are free of charge for our guests. We satisfy the need for a varied cuisine. (In addition to food and drinks, we also offer fruit and emergency first-aid medicine.)


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Front view (stairs to the gate of the second floor)
Slot Machines


The Paradise Casino Busan provides a variety of floor services for our guests’ convenience.

  • Cell Phone Recharge Service

    We have cell phone chargers placed on the second floor desk for you to use them anytime when in need.

  • Cardigan and blanket rental service

    Comfortable temperatures are maintained at all times at Paradise Casino. If you feel cold, simply ask our staff for a cardigan or a blanket.

  • Reading glasses are available for those who may have left their reading glasses or have poor eyesight. You can rent them at any time by asking a staff member.

  • Real-time Services

    Manager and dealer information, event information, table limit, and options may be searched by using an LCD monitor at the tables to help guests find the limits and options for specific games.

  • Guest’s Opinions

    There are suggestion boxes located all around the casino for guests to voice their opinions. Any of your questions or inconveniences may be deposited into the boxes, and we shall do our best to address them as soon as possible.


You can view information about the hotel at Paradise Casino Busan.

Paradise Hotel Busan!

It faces the beautiful shore with no end in sight.
Guests can experience the refreshing sea breeze and the comforting sound of lapping waves from the balconies of their rooms.

Our hotel provides both business and resort services with our outdoor hot springs and Duty Free Shop that only carry carefully selected foreign name brands.

Relax and enjoy at Paradise Hotel Busan no matter your stay is for business or for leisure.



    Jung-dong 1408-5, Haeundae-gu, Busan-si


Tour Information

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  • Busan World Fireworks Festival

    Busan World Fireworks Festival

    This world-class fireworks festival began as a multimedia marine show designed to celebrate the 2005 APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting and has continued since then to be one of the most popular festivals in Korea.
  • Busan International Film Festival

    Busan International Film Festival

    This film festival was initiated in an aim to develop Busan, the cradle of Korea's filming industry, into becoming the center of Korea's cultural works and arts.The festival has grown into one of the biggest events that celebrate Asian films and one of the world's most dynamic film festivals since its inception in 1996.
  • Shinsegae Centum City Mall

    Shinsegae Centum City Mall

    The Shinsegae Centum City Mall is a landmark for shopping spots in Northeast Asia, boasting the world’s largest Shinsegye department store and duty free shopping mall.
  • Busan Tour by Yacht

    Busan Tour by Yacht

    Over 450 yachts and boats offer tourists the opportunity explore the scenic areas around
    the Oryukdo Islands and Dongbaekseom Island at a stone's throw.
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