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  • How do I participate in events?

    Paradise Casino hosts various off-line events for customers throughout the year. Any member may participate in on-line events after membership subion, and our events provide various benefits. Check our off-line and on-line events on the [Event] page. Make sure not to miss our events.

  • Where do I check the on-line event winners?

    On-line event winners are published in the [Event] page. An Identification procedure may be required.

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  • What is mileage?

    Mileage is the membership service providing mileage for money you have used in games in Paradise Casino Website. For more details, visit [Paradise Club].

  • Is it open to Korean nationals?

    Paradise Casino is open to foreigners only.

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  • What is ‘e-mail authentication’ when subscribing web membership?

    ‘E-mail authentication’ is the step to check if the user actually uses the e-mail address entered on the membership subion. When the e-mail authentication page appears while subscribing for membership, open the authentication e-mail received in your e-mail account and click the e-mail authentication button in the e-mail message to complete membership subion.

    ※ If not authenticated within the e-mail authentication period (of 12 hours), your membership subion will be cancelled.

  • I’d like to change my web ID and password.

    Your e-mail ID you are using for Paradise Casino Website is your own, unique ID and is not changeable. If you insist to change your ID, cancel your membership and subscribe with other e-mail ID again. If you want to change your password and/or member information, use [Change Member Information] page after logging in.

  • I’ve forgot my ID and/or password.

    If you don’t remember your ID and/or password, use [Find ID / Find Password] in the login page. Enter your member information, click ‘Find’ button, and the system will show ID for the member information or you will be able to issue temporary password. In case of ‘Find Password’, login with the temporary password issued, and change your password in [Change Member Information] page.

    ※ Note that ‘Find e-mail ID /Find Password’ is not supported if e-mail authentication is not completed under conversion step to the new membership system from the existing ID.

  • Temporary password is not delivered to my e-mail account yet.

    If you have enabled spam mail filtering, possibly the temporary password issuance mail is classified as a spam mail. Check your spam mail box or trash mail box.

    ※ Use e-mail account other than daum (hanmail) if possible.

  • What is ‘New Membership System Conversion’?

    Paradise Casino Website is operated in the ‘e-mail ID’ system. Your e-mail address registered on membership subion is used as your ID. If an existing member, you can change your previous ID to new e-mail ID by [New Membership System Conversion]. The system transfers your entire personalized service usage records including customer opinions after new membership conversion, and you are not able to use your previous ID.

  • What is ‘Login under Subion Authorization Standby’?

    Login under subion authorization standby is temporarily logging in as e-mail authentication for membership subion is not completed. You are limited to access login service only. Web services including on-line events and customer opinions are available only after e-mail authentication.

    ※ If not authenticated within the e-mail authentication period (of 12 hours), your membership subion will be cancelled.

  • How do I cancel my membership?

    Log in to the Paradise Casino Website and re-confirm your password in the [Cancel Membership] page to cancel your membership. The system deletes all of your personalized service usage records including member information and customer opinions upon membership calculation, and deleted data is not restorable. Any cancelled members may subscribe again anytime. You are always welcome back to our Paradise Casino Website.

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